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Have you Considered How a Working Capital Loan Can Work for You?

Every business should have cash on hand to cover both planned and unexpected expenses. Cash reserves help cover the everyday fluctuations faced by your business. For those who don’t have the cash flow for everyday expenses, we offer working capital loans to give you access to cash when you need it most.

A working capital loan is used for everyday financial operations for small businesses that are lacking current cash flow. Working capital loans are used for short-term needs rather than long-term needs, assets, or investments. This loan type is used to sustain business growth on a daily basis to help you visualize long-term success.

Hire More Staff

• Hire new employees to support your business growth

• Make sure payroll is covered so your workers are paid on time

Finance Equipment

• Replace outdated equipment with newer models

• Cover the cost of equipment maintenance or repairs

Add Inventory

• Introduce new items or services to drive revenue for your business

• Stock more best-selling items during your busy selling seasons

Manage Cash Flow

• Maintain daily operations even through gaps in cash flow

• Continue running your business seamlessly during seasonal lulls

What are the Benefits of Working Capital Loans?

A working capital loan is the quickest and easiest way for small businesses to receive the funding they need to achieve their full business potential. When businesses don’t have the funding for current expenses, a working capital loan can help make up for the financial shortcomings until the business is stable. These funds can go towards whichever expenses need immediate attention to help you grow your business.

Be Better Prepared for the Future

Businesses that are prepared for current financial payments are better prepared for the future growth of their business. For businesses to see long-term success, business owners need to make sure they have the cash flow to keep their business afloat. Without this preparation, businesses will run into late payments, decreased credit scores, and higher interest rates on business loans. By applying for a working capital loan, it will help you with a shortage of short-term financial resources when your business needs it most.

Maintain Ownership of Your Business

Traditional equity investors likely require you to give up a percentage of your business in return for funding, which gives some of the ownership power to the investor. With a working capital loan from a bank or a financial institution like National Funding, you continue to hold ownership over your business and are only required to make the payments that are agreed upon.

Working Capital Loans With No Collateral Required

Some working capital loans require collateral of some sort, but we provide working capital without collateral. Business owners can maintain ownership of their assets while taking out a working capital loan. When applying for a working capital loan, we look at the current status of your business which helps us determine the loan amount that suits your business.

Provides Financial Flexibility

Working capital loans can be used for paying employees, purchasing equipment, paying bills, and more. No matter the financial needs, working capital loans allow financial flexibility to help you with your business needs.

Types of Working Capital 

  • Invoice Factoring
  • Purchase Order Funding
  • Equipment Lease
  • Inventory Finance
  • Asset Based Loan

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