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Revenue, profit, or growth focus on only one aspect of your business, but health is a more telling measuring stick. Health is the cumulative wellness of your business in the long run, ensuring:

  • Your vision for the future
  • Your growth and profits
  • The health and engagement of your employees
  • Your strategic systems and partnerships

We all know businesses with enormous growth numbers but unhealthy practices will eventually fail. We also know a healthy business with modest growth numbers will eventually succeed.

We are in the business of building healthy businesses for the long term. We believe that small businesses are stronger and more agile through partnerships.

To all you small business owners with really big ideas, we care about your health. The health of your employees. The health of your bottom line. And we work to simplify everything as your long-term partner in business health.

Healthy Business Checklist


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The Three Pillars of a Healthy Business

Business health is a lot like physical health — you take it for granted until you get sick. Businesses see more profit, more success and more longevity when they proactively maintain the three pillars of a healthy business (before they get sick): create a vision for where you’re headed, develop reliable and efficient systems, and build a healthy and happy culture.

  1. Healthy Vision

For pragmatic business owners, “vision” can sound a lot like “fantasy.” Something that is unrealistic, likely unattainable and therefore not worth spending focused time on. But a healthy business vision is realistic and attainable. The time you spend focusing on your vision will come back to you tenfold – in profit, growth and efficiency.

  1. Healthy Systems

Most business owners take on more responsibility than they should — and work more than is healthy. Systems are the processes, tools and partnerships that make it possible to have balance, focus and time management.

  1. Healthy Culture

A healthy culture is an investment that pays enormous dividends to the overall well-being of your company and directly improves your bottom line. A healthy culture encompasses employee satisfaction, productivity rates, company values, and the overall function of human resources.

This is a 4 -part blog covering the three pillars of a healthy business and offers key tips and strategies on how to make your business healthier, starting today.

Patrick S. Harris runs a financial and professional services company in San Francisco serving clients nationwide. Patrick can be reached directly 415.691.7215; patrick@psharrisco-com

Healthy Business Checklist


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